Yes. You will need to make a non-refundable payment of ₹ 500, as part of the application process.

The BioPolicyPGD is a full time, highly intensive course that will run for one calendar year, starting July 2019. This would include a combination of coursework at IBAB, online courses and internships (at IBAB or elsewhere).

Science and technology students in our country largely receive a conventional education within disciplinary boundaries. By and large, they are not offered an innovative, inter-disciplinary education, especially one rooted in policy. In the current global scenario, there is need for an interdisciplinary education to tackle real-world problems, especially in the policy arena. The programme will help the students think about the larger impact of their work on society and help navigate the increasingly complex global policy environment.

This programme will give the students a whole new dimension to their skill set. They will acquire:
(a) Insights into different research methodologies and their appropriate use;
(b) Quantitative skills such as programming in Python and R;
(c) Data visualization skills;
(d) Ethnographic skills;
(e) Improved written communication skills (in English), especially from the policy perspective;
(f) Skills in evidence synthesis; 
(g) Frameworks and tools for analysing and formulating public policies;
(h) Economic reasoning skills to understand how markets function and to evaluate various policy alternatives; and
(i) Understanding the importance of context while preparing policy briefs.

Yes. Although the organizers do not guarantee placements, the partnering institutions will do their utmost to facilitate placement for the graduates of the BioPolicyPGD course. IBAB has a 95% placement record since it started running courses in 2002.

No. We have not sought approval from any government body. This means that the BioPolicyPGD might not be considered a valid qualification for employment/career advancement within the services of the Government of India and other State governments. However, there will be many other opportunities available to the graduates of this programme.

We believe that the following organizations would value the unique skillset that graduates of this programme will have: Government agencies looking for consultants, NGOs, academia, industry, media houses, funding bodies, philanthropic organizations, consulting organizations, science journals, analytics companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

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