IBAB has initiated specific programmes in emerging areas of bioinformatics and biotechnology. The Synthetic Biology programme is focussed on developing products and technologies in the areas of socio-economic importance. A large training and research programme in genomics has been initiated at the institute’s Bio-IT Centre. Bharat Boston Bioscience Beginnings (B4) is a collaborative effort between IBAB, IISER Pune and the Mittal Institute, Harvard University, to create a scientific platform for knowledge exchange between India and Boston.

Synthetic Biology

The Synthetic Biology program was initiated in 2017 with funding from the Government of Karnataka. This program aims to develop translatable technologies and products in areas of socio-economic importance using multidisciplinary approaches, as well as to create skilled manpower through educational and training courses. Current areas of research include synthetic expression systems, metabolic engineering and genome editing.


Next Generation Sequencing has revolutionized how we do biology and we have entered the age of data-driven biology. As we try to reconcile trillions of data points with a few phenotypes of medical or economic interest, the complexity of biology has never been more evident.  At IBAB we use big data to address challenges such as those posed by malnutrition and disease.

Bharat-Boston Bioscience Beginnings (B4) Program

Bharat-Boston Bioscience Beginnings (B4) Program, is a program funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), GoI. The Mittal Institute, Harvard University is collaborating with IBAB, Bengaluru and IISER, Pune for the implementation of this program. The aim of B4 is to link up institutions in India and Boston to promote research and the creation of new knowledge in emerging areas of the biosciences through collaboration between the two countries.