IBAB faculty take on board a limited number of post-doctoral fellows each year. The current fellows are listed below.

  1. Dr. Mohua Chakraborty Choudhury
    Guide: Dr. Gayatri Saberwal
  2. Dr. Raghavendran Lakshmi Narayanan
    Guide: Prof. N. Yathindra
  3. Dr. Shubham Dixit
    Guide: Dr. Sanjay Ghosh
  4. Dr. Sangeeta Kumari
    Guide: Dr. Gayatri Saberwal
  5. Dr. Nisha Venugopal
    Guide: Dr. Gayatri Saberwal
  6. Dr. Shobana P
    Guide: Prof. H. S. Subramanya
  7. Dr. Ithayaraja M
    Guides: Dr. C M Gupta and Prof. H.S. Subramanya
  8. Dr. Fabina Ravindran
    Guide: Dr. Bibha Choudhary
  9. Dr. Kalaimathi Murugesan
    DBT Biocare Woman Scientist