IBAB was a pioneer in initiating the incubation of bio-science start-ups in an academic setting, when the concept of incubation centres in this sector was non-existent. The vision of IBAB is to provide opportunities to very early stage start-ups to generate preliminary proof-of-concept. Many of them happen to be novices in the realm of entrepreneurship. IBAB treats start-up companies as members of the IBAB family, sharing work space and collaborating with them.


IBAB has been incubating and promoting entrepreneurs in biotechnology and related areas since its establishment in 2002. To date it has incubated 25 companies.

National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)

In 2004, IBAB received a prestigious grant from the Wadhwani Foundation to promote entrepreneurship in biotechnology. Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, a serial-entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, set up this foundation to accelerate entrepreneurship in emerging economies. The other institutions to win this grant at that time were BITS-Pilani, IIM-Ahmedabad, IIT-Bombay and the S P Jain Institute of Management and Research. The first five recipients of the grant are the founder members of the National Entrepreneur Network (NEN) which has since grown to over 500 institutes.

Entrepreneurship for  IBAB Students

Bioinformatics and biotechnology have vast potential in a country like India. As fledgling sectors with tremendous entrepreneurial potential, IBAB seeks to guide and inform young talent so that in future, as mature professionals, they may be able to locate ideas with commercial value