The bioinformatics and biotechnology industries are still fledgling in India, and young companies in this sector benefit tremendously from the expertise they can access through the incubation process. This is precisely why IBAB has taken the initiative to incubate several companies.

Apart from providing necessary infrastructure, IBAB also facilitates its incubatees through mentorship, networks and opportunities to collaborate with its faculty. So far, 25 startups have been incubated. This includes companies set up by alumni, such as DeNovo Biolabs. Cellworks Group, which acquired venture capital and expanded to the US is a good example of a successful incubatee. Several of the start-ups have been doing exceedingly well, including winning national-level competitions and receiving prestigious funding.

Current Incubatees

  • 4basecare Onco Solutions
  • Bacalt Biotech
  • CloudKrate Solutions
  • DeNovo Biolabs
  • FF Bioworks India Pvt Ltd
  • Mestastop Solutions Private Limited

Past incubatees

Becoming in an Incubatee at IBAB

In order to apply, the company should not be more than 3 years since inception and should be working in an area relevant to IBAB’s strengths.

How to apply: Drop a mail to, with a cover letter and the following details:

  1. Name of the company
  2. Registration details
  3. Year of establishment
  4. Nature of work (100 words)
  5. The team
  6. Sources of funding
  7. What is being sought from IBAB

Please note: A collaboration with IBAB faculty is encouraged. Generally, space will be provided for no more than 3 years.