Internships are short-term research training programmes, which are highly beneficial for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Many of such students have an interest in undertaking short-term research projects at IBAB. The institute is happy to nurture these students. However due to space and resource constraints, only a limited number of interns can be hosted at a given time.

Further details about this programme are as follows:

Eligibility: Undergraduate and postgraduate students, who wish to carry out projects as part of their course requirements, or otherwise.

Duration: 2–6 months. Longer commitments preferred.

Stipend: None.

Internship charges: Upto 3 months: Rs. 3,000/-; 6 months: Rs. 6,000/- ; and 12 months: Rs. 12,000/-

Hostel accommodation: Eligible to stay in the hostel, depending on space availability. There will be hostel charges.

Dining hall: Eligible to use the dining hall. There will be dining hall charges.

Process of applying: Students interested in an internship at IBAB must approach the individual faculty, with whom they want to work. If the faculty member is interested, he/she will be in touch with the concerned student.

Applicants should send a doc file including the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email id(s)
  3. Phone number(s)
  4. Postal address
  5. Parent/guardian name, Email id(s), Phone number(s)
  6. Educational record: For Class X, XII, Bachelors and Masters (if applicable), marks, institution, and year of passing.
  7. Copy of a government-issued photo ID.
  8. An essay of 500-1000 words (a) listing faculty you would like to work with, and (b) a statement of your research interests.
  9. Preferred duration of internship and possible dates

Please note: Incomplete applications are liable to be rejected.

Confirmation of selection: IBAB will inform selected candidates only.

Experience certificate: IBAB will issue an experience certificate, subject to satisfactory performance during the internship.