Genomics training and research at IBAB was initiated in 2010 at a time when NGS (next generation sequencing) was new to the world. The surge in genomic data due to the spectacular growth in high throughput sequencing achieved by NGS technologies provided a fertile ground of opportunity to initiate training in NGS data analysis that was glaringly missing at IBAB. This early start gave IBAB a level playing field to compete with the rest of the world in terms of training and research. Thanks to Subha Srinivasan who with her unlimited passion introduced NGS data analysis in the curricula of both the PGDB and MSc programs of IBAB soon after she joined IBAB as the first DBT Ramalingaswamy fellow. A full-blown NGS curriculum including theory, practical and semester projects were introduced for the master’s program. The NGS training program necessitated establishing suitable and separate computational infrastructure including high-performance computer cluster for NGS data analytics separately at IBAB and was done in stages with the unreserved support from the officers of GoK. Thus, began training 40+ students in NGS data analysis every year concurrent with research activity in genomics simultaneously. These enabled IBAB to continually supply much needed well-trained students in NGS data analysis to both industry and academia including IBAB.

Twelve years since its’ inception we have full-blown research in several trust areas of research including medical, plant, metagenome, infectious diseases, nutrition, and plant/microbe symbiosis.