Each year IBAB takes on board a small group of interns. Usually these are students who are currently pursuing their degree in some other institution. The following individuals are currently interning at the institute. Over the years, there have been several instances of interns who have published a paper based on the work done during their internship at IBAB.

  1. Nisha Madhukar
    Guide: Dr. Shruthi Vembar
  2. Sachin D’ Souza
    Guide: Dr. Kshitish Acharya
  3. Vishnu Seshan
    Guide: Dr. Srivatsan R.
  4. V. Yamini
    Guide: Dr. Sanjay Ghosh/Dr. Abhilash Mohan
  5. Gowthami S.
    Guide: Dr. Subha Srinivasan

Periodically IBAB hosts trainees. These could be students in the final year of their Bachelor’s or Master’s, or those who have completed their degree not too long ago.

Different faculty members have different ways of selecting those who will work with them. They also have varying preferences as to whether a student can do a project for just 2 months, or a minimum of 6 months is preferred.

  • Please send your resume to info@ibab.ac.in, indicating the duration for which you are available (2 months/6 months/any other) to join us as a trainee, and the start date from when you are available.
  • From amongst those who have applied, individual faculty will short-list students for a written test or directly for an interview.
  • The procedures for the test and interview will be informed to short-listed candidates.
  • After the screening process, positions are offered on merit.
  • If you are currently a registered student, we will need a letter signed by your college agreeing to keep the research findings confidential, and revealed only with your IBAB guide’s permission.
  • These positions are usually unpaid, and the student has to arrange his/her own board and lodging. However, we help selected students find suitable accommodation. Very occasionally there is hostel space on campus for male/female trainees.