Prof. Subha Srinivasan

Prof. Subha Srinivasan

IBAB Chair, Genomics

Research Focus Key Words

Metagenome, Nutrition, Prostate Cancer, Rhyzosphere, Grain maranth,  non-coding RNA, Malaria, An. stephensi, TIGS, ADBS


Structural bioinformatics, computational biology, protein engineering, bioinformatics,


  1. Postdoc at Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, NY (1984-1987)
  2. Ph. D., Physics, Madras University, Chennai, India

Professional experience

  1. Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB)
    Faculty Scientist: April 2015-Present
  2. Faculty Scientist/DBT Fellow, Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB) (DBT, GoI): July 2010-March 2015
  3. Founder and Chief Scientific Officer,  Jivan Biologics, Larkspur, CA (2001-2010)
  4. Head, Bioinformatics Berlex Biosciences, Richmond, CA (1998-2001)
  5. Head, Bioinformatics , Immunex Corporation, Seattle, WA (1994-1997)
  6. Head, Computational Chemistry, Immunex Corporation, Seattle, WA (1989-1994)
  7. Visiting Scientist , IDEC Pharmaceutical, San Diego, CA (1987-1989)

Research Interest Profile

Dr. Subha Srinivasan and team members use genomics and bioinformatics techniques to diverse application areas of biology including cancer biomarker discovery, plant genomics, root metagenomics, nutritional genomics and noninvasive diagnostics. Dr. Srinivasan is also involved in teaching both basic and advanced bioinformatics courses to Masters level students, which includes concepts/algorithms behind every major bioinformatics tools.  She also provides training in big data analysis through interns programs. Her lectures are recorded and can be made available.


An. stephensi genomics, Tata Institute of Genomics and Society; India-specific SNPs from exomes, ADBS; Basil genomics and bioinformatics, University of Padova; metagenomics, King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia; Amaranth translational worh , ISSER/University of Hyderabad; Amoeba genomics, CHG

Group members

J. Suvratha JRF, TIGS
Kiran Paul JRF, TIGS
Afiya Chida JRF, ADBS
G GoldsmithPhD student
Suran R NambisanPhD student (joint)

Research Publications

  1. Bawa Pushpinder, Ravi Samathmika, Paul Swagatika, Chaudhary Bibha, Srinivasan Subhashini., (2018)
    “ A novel molecular mechanism for a long non-coding RNA PCAT92 implicated in prostate cancer, Oncotarget
  2. Sunil Meeta., Hariharan Niedita, Dixit Shubham, Choudhary Bibha., Srinivasan Subhashini (2017)
    “ Differential genomic arrangements in Caryophyllales through deep transcriptome sequencing of A. hypochondriacus”, PLoS One.
  3. Karthikeyan S., Bawa Pushpinder., Srinivasan, S (2017)
    “hg19K: addressing a significant lacuna in hg19-based variant calling”, Molecular Genetics and Genomic Medicine
  4. Meghnath Geeta, SEn Titash, Rakesh Kumar, Pushpinder Bawa, Subha Srinivasan, Usha Vijayraghavan. (2017)
    “Functions for fission yeast splicinf factors SpSlu7 and SpPrp18 in alternative splice site choice and stress-specific regulated splicing”, PLoS One. 2017 Dec 13;12(12):e0188159
  5. Hariharan N., Ravi S., Pradeep BE., Subramanyam N., Choudhary B., Srinivasan S., Khanchandani P., (2018),
    “A novel loss-of-function mutation in HACE1 is linked to a genetic disorder in a patient from India” Human Genome Variations 5, 17061
  6. Bawa P., Zacharia S., Srivatsan R., and Srinivasan S. (2015)
    “Up-regulation is the norm for lincRNAs specific to prostate cancer”, PLoS One, 01 May 2015.
  7. Sunil M., Nayak S., Hariharan A., Gupta RP., Panda B., Choudhury B., Srinivasan S.  (2014)
    “The draft genome and transcriptome of Amaranthus hypochondriacus: A C4 dicot producing high-lysine edible pseudo- cereal”, DNA Research, Dec;21(6):585-602.
  8. Srinivasan S., Patil AH, Verma M., Bingham JL., Srivatsan R. (2012)
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  9. Patil, AH M., Deshmukh, M. Singh, NK., Srivastava, R., Verma, M., Gupta, S., Veeresh, S., Srivatsan, R., Srinivasan, S. (2012),
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  10. Johnson ED, Sudarsanam S, Bingham J, Srinivasan, S. (2012)
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  11. Srinivasan, S. (2011)
    “Alternative Splicing in Eukaryotes: The Norm, Not an Anomaly”. Current Science,  March 2011, 100 (06)
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 7,833,779  Jivan  Methods for designing oligonucleotides
 7,340,349  Jivan  Method and system for identifying splice variants of a gene
 6,410,711  Immunex  DNA encoding CD40 ligand, a cytokine that binds CD40
 6,290,972  Immunex  Method of augmenting a vaccine response by administering CD40 ligand
 6,264,951  Immunex  Methods of inhibiting CD40L binding to CD40 with soluble monomeric CD40L
 5,981,724  Immunex  DNA encoding CD40 ligand, a cytokine that binds CD40
 5,962,406  Immunex  Recombinant soluble CD40 ligand polypeptide and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
 5,884,230  Immunex  Method and system for protein modeling
 5,716,805  Immunex  Methods of preparing soluble, oligomeric proteins
 5,557,535  Immunex  Method and system for protein modeling
 5,453,937  Immunex  Method and system for protein modeling


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