Modern life science research is increasingly becoming dependent on other scientific disciplines, including physics, chemistry, engineering and computational sciences. To succeed in this changing and challenging environment, we must be receptive to new techniques and approaches, and avoid being constrained by traditional disciplinary boundaries. Thus, it is imperative to collaborate.

Publications and Patents

The faculty of IBAB publish their research and other thought pieces in some of the best journals, nationally and internationally. It has been a remarkable achievement in the short time since the institute was founded. This has allowed the institute to gain considerable recognition among its peers. In 2016, IKP Knowledge Park’s BIRAC Regional Innovation Centre listed the following eminent institutions in Bangalore, for their research output in publications and patents: BMCRI, IBAB, IISc, InSTEM, IOB, JNCASR, KMIO, NCBS, NIMHANS, ST JOHNS, UAS. IBAB was honoured to be included in this list.

Funding and Grants

Our researchers represent the best in their fields. However, none of this would have been achievable without generous funding from various organisations. IBAB has been fortunate to receive such funding from various organizations, as well as individuals. The high quality research at the institute would not have been possible without this support.

Resources: Tools and Databases

Our resources bring together a range of essential tools, databases and research support services, and specialist functions. By emphasising quality and consistency, our research forms an essential pillar in helping us deliver world-class research. The institute wishes to provide services and tools to the academic and industrial research community. The IBAB faculty and students have developed several databases and tools, which are freely accessible to researchers anywhere.