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  • IBAB welcomes its newest Faculty member, Dr. Urvashi Sharma, who joins us as a DBT-Ramalingaswami fellow. A structural biologist and biophysicist by training, Dr. Urvashi obtained her PhD from NCL, Pune, after which she worked in a variety of related domains in the Europe and USA as a post-doctoral fellow. Her research interests include: (A) Validation of novel Glycosyl transferases involved in Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wall biosynthesis as drug targets, employing classical tools in biochemistry and biophysics. (B) Understanding the diverse roles of zinc-metallopeptidases in human health and disease using structure-based approaches. We are excited for Dr. Urvashi to be part of the IBAB family!

  • IBAB Faculty, Dr. Gaurav Sharma, recently published an article in the journal PeerJ where he, along with a team of six MSc09 students, explored SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences to understand the diversity and evolution of coronaviruses. In his words, “This work initially started as an exercise to combine class-level teaching with research. When COVID lockdown was implemented in mid-March, I started teaching the “Advanced Bioinformatics” course to MSc first-year students using recently sequenced SARS-CoV-2 genomes to motivate them and to make them aware of how genomics can help understand these viruses and their pathogenicity.” The paper is available at:

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    Newest Faculty member, Dr. Urvashi Sharma

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    Article in the journal PeerJ