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  • IBAB wishes everyone a Happy 2021! Looking back at the year that has passed, we are immensely proud of the achievements of our faculty members, staff, research scholars and students. 2020 was a productive year: more than 10 institutional and individual grants were awarded, 31 articles were published by IBAB researchers in national and international journals, 2 PhD theses were defended, 4 national and international workshops were conducted, close to 100% of the students of the graduating MSc batch obtained prime positions in academia and industry, and a seamless transition was made to online teaching to manage the disruptions caused by COVID-19. A big thank you to every member of the IBAB family for their efforts, commitment and perseverance!

  • Dr. Kshitish Acharya and team recently published an article in the Elsevier journal Life Sciences titled “The molecular basis of gender disparities in smoking lung cancer patients”. Using transcriptomic meta analysis, the authors identified 9 specific genes with consistent gender-bias among smoking lung cancer patients. This gender-bias was detected in terms of expression patterns, and in at least 4 studies. The study also reports multiple functions associated with the genes expressed differently in female patients compared to male patients or normal women. The article is available here:

  • Dr. Gaurav Sharma and team recently published a short communication in the Journal of Medical Virology titled “Dynamic tracking of variant frequencies depicts the evolution of mutation sites amongst SARS-CoV-2 genomes from India”. The authors explored how the mutation frequency of different sites within the SARS‐CoV‐2 genome have evolved amongst 2,457 strains isolated and sequenced from COVID‐19 patients across diverse Indian states. The article is available here:

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    An article in the Elsevier journal Life Sciences

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    A short communication in the Journal of Medical Virology