Multiple research positions open with an opportunity to help India fight Corona!

BBC and IBAB are calling applications for following positions to work in a joint research project related to Covid-19

1. Programmer (two positions with a minimum salary of Rs.30,000/month)


  • Masters degree in life sciences or computer sciences/IT
  • Independent and reliable programming skills in any of the following languages: Python, R, Java
  • Ability to create and handle MySQL-based and web-interfaces

Job responsibilities: to write scripts to compile and analyze biological data, and create and maintain a  mySQL database.

2. Data curator (two positions with a salary of Rs.20,000/month)


  • Bachelors or Masters degree in any life sciences subject
  • Acquaintance with biological databases and experience in data mining are preferred
  • A good command in written English language is desirable

Job responsibilities: to biocurate & analyze various types of virus and infection related data.

Note: Selection process involves a personal interview followed by a test (hands-on) of experimental abilities. The process is expected to take complete working hours of a day at IBAB or BBC. Immediate recruitment anticipated.


Email your CV to