Prof. S Thiyagarajan

Associate Professor, Structural Biology and Informatics
Joined IBAB in 2013.

Prof. S Thiyagarajan received his PhD in physics, crystallography and biophysics from the University of Madras in 2006. Subsequently he did a post doc at Wayne State University, Detroit, where he worked on the biochemical and structural characterization of arsenic and other heavy metalloid responsive repressors. He did a second post doc at Lund University, Sweden where he worked on the redox sensing molecules in microbial systems. He joined Madurai Kamraj University as an Assistant Professor in computational biology in 2010. He moved to IBAB in May, 2013. His research interests are in X-ray crystallography, protein biochemistry and computational biology studies of DNA and metal binding studies from the perspective of microbial stress response. 

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