Dr Sonia S Shetty

Dr Sonia S Shetty, completed her BDS from Ramaiah Dental College, Bangalore and MDS in Periodontology from Oxford Dental College and Research Centre, Bangalore in 2013. She was in clinical practice for over 8 years. She is currently doing her fellowship in the area of stem cells, under a programme for women scientists, from the Department of Health Research (DHR, Delhi). The first year of her fellowship was completed at the Amrita School of Dentistry (Kochi, Kerala). Dr. Shetty joined IBAB in April 2023 for the continuation of the fellowship under the mentorship of Prof. Bibha Choudhary. Her current research focus includes isolation, culture, characterization and differentiation of gingival mesenchymal stem cells and dental follicle stem cells for periodontal regeneration and animal study.